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Quality Assurance

I.C.E. TEK, employees adhere to continual process improvement to ensure customers receive products and services that meet and exceed requirements, on time and at the best possible cost. The goal of I.C.E. TEK is to exceed customer’s expectations and become the best of their choice.

Quality assurance is achieved with a series of documented interrelated procedures, work instructions and forms defining the quality system processes, sequences instruction for employees on how to implement and apply them throughout I.C.E. TEK organization. This documentation defining each criteria and methods to ensure that the operation and control of quality system processes are accurate, effective and consistent.

I.C.E. TEK Quality Assurance initiatives are designed to ensure the requirements conform to the highest standards in the relevant profession, trade or field of experience. Quality Assurance Managers are all empowered to change work processes and assign resources on the spot to address deliverable quality issues.

Christopher S. Monzaga

Quality Assurance Manager
WP: 757-453-6795
E-mail: chris.monzaga@icetekva.com